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Take A Look At The New Generation Of Security And Protection Systems.

Our Products

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CCTV Systems

CCTV has today become an integral part of both our business and personal lives. We offer tailor made solutions to our clients incorporating live monitoring, remote access, vehicle recording systems, full function cameras, PDA, iPhone, Smart phone access to DVR images to... view more

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Access Control

Whether it is gaining access, restricting access, monitoring staff movements or securing products or information, electronic access control has become a part of our day to day lives. BeCOM can offer a wide range of electronic options including: Swipe, Proxy Card, Fingerprint / Biometric, Keypad and Fob... view more

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Intruder Alarm

Our intruder alarm systems use HKC's cutting-edge technology to keep your home or business safe and secure. HKC are a leading manufacturer of electronic intruder alarm equipment for professional installers. We offer tailor made solutions to our clients, including both wired and wireless intruder alarm systems... view more.

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Two-Way Radios

Two Way Radio Systems have become an increasingly popular and cost
effective form of communication in business today. Today’s radios can be configured to do just about anything that other forms of communications devices can do for example incorporating telephone...
view more


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Lone Worker

With the increase in automative equipment and fewer staff being used in industry today, incidents of staff accidents have become more and more frequent. As an employer you are expected to... view more

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Automation today not only covers car park barrier solutions but also can include door and gate automation. Becom can design and install bespoke solutions to meet with both your requirements and budget and can integrate with any existing access control or security solutions in place.Gate automation can... view more

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On Site Paging Systems are one of the most practical and cost effective ways of contacting individual of groups of people in industries such as Hotel & Catering, industrial and Pharmaceutical... view more

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Intercom solutions today, can provide live hd video calls to your mobile phone, wherever you are in the world, ensuring that you are contactable should a caller visit your home or premises. Becom can provide intercom solutions from singular call points to a dedicated internal HD display, phone or tablet... view more

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We Integrate With Your Enviornment

We live in a time where value for money has never been more important.

Products now are required at times to provide more than one function and need to be accessible both locally as well as remotely.
Following a consultation with a new or existing client, we can provide a detailed design proposal to explain how systems can be integrated and operate.

These may for example show how a gate automation installation may have an IP Video intercom linked to the clients mobile phone.
On receiving a call the client can both see and hear the caller and open the gate remotely. In addition to this, the intercom may be linked to the clients DVR (Digital Video Recorder), where the video feed from the IP intercom can be recorded 24/7
This can reduce the need for additional CCTV installed at the gate thus reducing costs as well.

This is just one example of how CCTV, Intercom, and Access Controlled Gate/Door Automation can function.

Another example would be a client requiring an on site two way radio network incorporating GPS / Location Tracking, Lone Worker / Man Down as well as route all plant alarms through its BMS (Building Management System) to its service engineers.
DTMF integration can also allow for the radio to operate similarly to a mobile / cordless phone allowing internal and external calls through to individual radios.
Again similar to the first example, the radio can also be configured to open gates/ doors remotely and receive private messaging from other radios on site.

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