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Lone Worker

With the increase in automative equipment and fewer staff being used in industry today, incidents of staff accidents have become more and more frequent.


As an employer you are expected to provide adequate protection to staff members who may be at risk of injury or attack. This can be done in many ways by them carrying personal attack pendants, or man down units which will alert if the person is knocked over, pulls on a panic cord or presses the emergency button.


This signal in turn can be monitored by a system which can if required pinpoint exactly where the incident has taken place as well as which member of staff it is. There are also solutions availible that can have man down boards fitted to Two Way Radios which can cut down on the number of units needing to be carried by staff.


Although this option will not give the location of the incident it can open a voice channel which can allow the person in difficulty have a live handsfree voice conversation with another individual or group. Systems can be designed to fit customers needs and their working environment as well as how the alarms are handled be that internally or externally.

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