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Providing Integrated Solutions To
Our Clients For Almost Two Decades.


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Our Story

For almost 20 years Becom has provided tailor made solutions to our clients.

With our large range of products, our 20+ years experience in the industry and our team of highly skilled engineers, we have the ability to not only provide solutions to meet with our clients needs, but also integrate with existing systems.

Becom's communications portfolio covers two-way radio, local and wide area paging systems and DECT.

Our security range includes CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Detection and Thermal Screening Solutions.

We also cover all aspects of door/ building access control, as well as gate and barrier automation.

A full range of our products can be found

Becom was created almost 20 years ago, initially to provide communication solutions to our corporate and industrial clients.

Having worked in the industry for almost 10 years prior to this, we gained considerable knowledge and experience in providing exactly what our clients required.

As our Becom family grew and evolved, so too did our product range, as well as our clients requirements.

We invested in the most important aspect of any business, its staff and our product knowledge.

To date we have built a loyal customer base including the HSE, Cork City Council, BAM, MMD Construction, SVP, Doyle Shipping Group and Marymount Hospice to name but a very few.

Our experience, as well as ability to change/ modify our range of products and services, allow us to continually be at the forefront of our industry, as well as be able to provide all of our clients with the latest technology available.

With this in mind we look forward to the next 20 years in Cork and expanding both our knowledge and client base.

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Experienced Leadership

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