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Paging Systems

On Site Paging Systems are one of the most practical and cost effective ways of contacting individual of groups of people in industries such as Hotel & Catering, industrial and Pharmaceutical.


Customers can have the choice of stand alone paging consoles incorporating telephone access or integrated solutions utilising existing computer infrastructure. Systems can be designed to send simple numeric messages or more descriptive Alphanumeric (Text) messages.

They can also send from a console or telephone, live voice messages to a pager or group of pagers, this method allows more freedom in terms of how much information can be sent in a single transmission. Paging is also one of the main forms of communication in terms of Alarm Processing.


BECOM can integrate most types of machinery into a central or individual Alarm Panel and assign Voice or Alphanumeric Tags to each alarm output. Once a machine or system generates an alarm, this can be relayed to a single or group of people who can react accordingly.


Systems can be designed to cater for large or small numbers of alarms as well as the medium used to relay them.

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