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Two-Way Radio

Two Way Radio Systems have become an increasingly popular and cost effective form of communication in business today.


Today’s radios can be configured to do just about anything that other forms of communications devices can do for example incorporating telephone interconnect and man down, and they can also be used to transmit telemetry information as well as critical alarm signalling.


BeCOM can design a radio system to suit whatever your requirements and budget are, be that in retail, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Chemical or simply for personal use.


We are specialist in providing radio solutions for our corporate customers which can monitor critical equipment reporting any faults to the their engineering or safety personnel.


The advantage of using radio over GSM or Landline is that you are not relying on other party’s infrastructure to transmit your signalling. One other main advantage of using PMR is the cost saving that can be made, as there are virtually no running cost for a radio system.

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